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North Carolina Decorative Railing

There are so many styles of railing to choose from but none are as visually exciting as this decorative railing from North Carolina. This picture shows a home that has these wonderful decorations that far exceed the average and ordinary railing for any kind of rustic lodge style home.

North Carolina Decorative Railing

North Carolina Decorative Railing

Wooden Railing Video

Wooden railing is a popular option for the typical residential deck since most decks are made of stress addressed lumber or yet another timber like cedar. Mountain Laurel Handrails are woven department railings which are customized crafted by skilled craftsmen in the Smoky Mountains. Railings can be found shipped nationwide and this railing method is easily mounted by a local carpenter or contractor. Have a look at this movie of solid wood railing fitted on a deck.


decorative railing

Here is a picture of an awesome decorative railing. This one is made from tubular steel in different diameters. Some pieces have been bent into organic shapes while others are somewhat straight lines giving this railing a crazy, almost spider web like look that is so cool. I like the eye in the center of this picture.

snow on a railing

There’s a lot to like about this picture of a snowy metal railing. I like how the photographer captured the static, unyielding nature of the metal railing and managed to capture the active falling of the snow. The black metal really stands out against the white and grey field while the railing draws the viewer’s eye deeper into the subject.

Metal railing is usually made from steel. Most steel in use in the United States has recycled content. This may be an important factor in a railing choice. Tubular steel that is coated with an anodized paint is popular and in common use nationally. The tubular steel railing shown here is likely a safety barrier on a public facility. Guard rails should be designed with no more than a 4″ spacing between the balusters to prevent children from getting stuck in the balustrade.

cat on a wood railing

Well folks, here is the picture that you’ve all been waiting for, the one that the internet glitterati and people looking for an alternative to the boring deck railing style…
Cat on a Handrail
That’s right, you can now have one of the internet’s most popular memes served up with my contribution to the annals of the web: railing and handrail!

The internet has a love for cats and I share mainly pictures of different handrails and railings. We’ve seen underwater railing, which looks like a convenient way to start a day of snorkeling. I’ve shared lots of handrail pictures like balconies and stairs railing.
But this is the first time that I’ve shared a picture of a cat on a handrail.
And I know how much the internet loves cats.
Readers: Do you like cats? Do you like wood railing? Do you have a wood handrail that needs a cat to sit on it? Do you have a cat that likes to site on handrails? Send me pictures and leave a comment below!

underwater railing

Here is a cool picture that I found showing a company’s underwater railing installation. This is a real neat picture and I love the distortion in the frame. This handrail is installed in a Caribbean resort and allows tourists and visitors easy access to the water so that they can play and enjoy their stay near a sandy beach and palm trees.


Bubble Stair Railing

This stair railing is a wonderful work of art for the home. The organic shapes of this staircase remind me of bubbles floating through the air. The guard rail must be some sort of structural metal as it also supports the stairs which are a natural finish, light colored wood tread. This staircase is a striking visual element in what must be a fabulously designed and articulated mansion. See more pictures at Trendir


outdoor railings

I love this picture of outdoor railings. It has an old world appeal of nostalgia and decay. Alright, so I know that might not be the most appealing thing, there is a certain mood that is created by the dilapidated building, broken handrail, water and ships at port. The black and white photography adds to the emotional impact of this outdoor railing.

sunset on a railing

this is an absolutely gorgeous shot.
the colors, the composition, the setting, the combination of man-made and natural elements.

for more inspirations check out these deck railing designs

wood railing on man cave


I’m excited to share that I was in the NYC area recently filming for an episode of Man Caves.
We had a great time filming with the crew and put up some great work.
This is the first exterior Man Cave and it has an awesome wood railing!