iron and laurel railing

Here’s a nice pic of a wrought iron stairs railing. I’m working with a client right now on a design incorporating decorative wrought iron with mountain laurel branches for her deck railing idea. It’s going to be a cool project and super unique!

stairs railing remodel

take a look at this stairs railing remodel. You know that this railing is the most talked about thing in this room. It really perks up this space and adds immensely to the visual appeal.


Deck Railing

Check out the newest deck railing project. This one is made with ipe 1×4 boards and mountain laurel sticks woven together. The finished look is awesome, especially with the trees in the background. The handrails really blur the distinction between the home and the forest beyond! Contact me to get started on your deck railing project.


exterior railing

check out this exterior railing installed in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. There was snow on the ground and the light was just right to capture the rustic elegance of these painted branches of mountain laurel.

slow furniture

Here is the ultimate in wood working! I thought that my deck railing was the coolest, most intricate use of wood in it’s natural form, but this guy has got me beat. He takes living trees and molds them into shapes and furniture. This is just so cool!

deck railing ideas

Whether you’re working on a new deck or remodeling your existing one, an often overlooked accent is your railing. There’s no easier place to make a big impact on how your home looks. If you have a front porch, this is the best way to add curb appeal to your place which is especially important if you’re thinking about selling. Here’s a picture of mountain laurel handrails. Custom made with woven branches, these are great deck railing ideas

yellow railing

Here’s another example of the artistic ability to capture a composition out of the visual chaos in our everyday world. This yellow railing stands bright on a drab field of multi-hued gray. For a more rustic feel, check out this deck railing.

shiny handrail

Check out this shot of a shiny handrail. I love abstract photography like this. This is a special ability to see these elements in the world surrounding us and capture them. For something entirely different, check out these deck railings.

yellow path

this is an interesting pic of a fence receding. the angle and orientation are an interesting experience. check out these visually intriguing deck railings

branch bookshelf

check out this awesome bookshelf that is made to look like a big branch growing out of the wall. it’s pretty neat and definitely a cool idea. if you need another cool idea for your home, check out this deck railing